Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. was registered in March 1999 and has since been successful on domestic and foreign construction sites. The company employs 25 permanent employees. Most of them are very experienced and prodigious workers in the geotechnical field (drillers and shotcrete nozzle men) who spent all of their working life in the once world renowned company Geotehnika d.d. During seasonal works the number of workers grows to up to 50.

The company is currently involved in all types of geotechnical works, including:

• All types of grouting with cement and cement-sand mixtures
• Constructing curtain injections
• Slope reinforcement with shotcrete using the dry and wet mix and welded wire meshes alongside ground, rock, self-drilling and other anchors
• GrConstruction pits for residential and commercial buildings including one or more levels of underground floors
• The construction pits come compete with the protection and excavation of the soil
• Geomechanical investigations along with the development of a study
• All types of remedial works (repairs on homes affected by earthquakes, repairs of old buildings, etc.) by grouting
• Investigations consisting of continuous coring for the purpose of geological research
• Production of piezometers and wells for monitoring groundwater levels and water exploitation
• Monitoring rock and levee deformations using boreholes with built-in inclinometers and deformeters
• Repairs of landslides and slopes using ø 400 mm micropiles, ground anchors and shotcrete

In cooperation with our long time partners and sub-contractors we perform all types of geotechnical protection and restoration.

We base our business success on the reliably and confidently fulfilling requests according to our client’s wishes.

By applying the ISO 9001:2008 standard, Quality management systems, Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. has set the quality management policy as follow:

• Continuously improve the performance and efficiency of our techniques in order to advance the quality of our service
• Strive to achieve the highest possible customer and sub-contractor satisfaction through knowledge, service and access
• Determine, analyse, implement and asses goals
• Provide a high level of quality in every business segment
• Motivate employees of Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. to train and be a part of the team
• Aspire to be the leading company on the market in the construction of hydro construction buildings
• Accept new ideas for improving our services in order to expand the business
• Continuously improve the Quality policy in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard

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