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Clients can submit their complaints if they are not satisfied with the following:

• The performance of services under the contractual terms.
• Conduct of the employees (professionalism, courtesy, competence).
• When the company has not performed specific actions which the client feels that, according to the law and/or agreement, they should have done.

Submitting complaints

Customer complaints have to be in written form and include at least the following:

• Information about the client that is submitting the complaint,
• date of filing of the complaint,
• a description of the complaint,
• statement of Facts and the client’s request concerning the complaint,
• evidence to confirm the facts which the costumer is complaining about and evidence related to the request,
• signature of the responsible person.

The complaints are sent to adress:

Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. Petra Grgeca 4, 10 000 ZAGREB, CROATIA.

Consideration of complaints

Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. will consider the received complaint and respond to it within eight days.

If the received complaint is incomplete, incomprehensible or unclear, Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. will ask the client for a supplement and give the client a deadline, which may not be longer than 15 days, for submitting a new one.

Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. suggests clients to carefully consider the basis of the complaint before submitting it.

Geotehnika-Konsolidacija d.o.o. will send their decision about the complaint to the clients in writing by registered mail.

The decision will be signed by the relevant person in the organizational unit for resolving complaints (the Director).

Internal appeal processes are carried out on the principle of:

• Equal treatment of every client’s complaints,
• resolving complaints in the order of reception,
• fast and effective resolving of complaints.

Petra Grgeca 4, 10 000 ZAGREB

phone 1: +385 1 63 10 921
phone 2: +385 1 63 10 922
fax: +385 1 61 11 913

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